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1969 Chevelle 349 Piece Chassis Kit
Part Number: 69ASBB

349 Piece Chassis Hardware Kit for 1969 Chevelle with disc brakes and a big block. This kit is huge,Typical kit includes fasteners to attach: accelerator lever & support, axle housing > springs, axle retainer plates, brake booster & hose, brake cables, brake plates, brake hose retainers & brackets, brake valve & pressure switch, calipers & brackets & shields, upper & lower control arms, control arm bushings, differential cover, driveshaft, engine mounts, fuel filler neck cover, fuel hoses,gas tank, grease fittings, idler arm, leaf spring hangers & front eye, master cylinder & push rod, parking brake control,pitman arm, radius rod & bracket & bumper, shackles (nuts), shocks & brackets, stabilizer bar brackets and end links (includes rubber), steering gear & rag joint, steering linkage & ball joints, spedo cable > trans, suspension bumpers, trans crossmember & insulator, wheel cylinders

1969 Chevelle 349 Piece Chassis Kit
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