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ZDDP+ Oil Additive
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ZDDP+ Oil Additive. Zinc dialyldithiophosphate. At East Coast Chevelle we know how important your classic car engine is and we can help. East Coast Chevelle has the right ZDDP+ oil treatment.If your engine was designed before 1996, your cam and factory style flat lifters require ZDDP+ engine oil additive to your motor oil to avoid premature deterioration. Don't sacrifice your camshaft and lifters, keep the proper ZDDP+ level your engine requires.By adding ZDDP+ to your motor oil at every oil change you will be protecting your classic cars engine. Be careful with the concentration of ZDDP+ used in your break in oil, as over dosing can cause increased wear,more is not always better.Another great product from East Coast Oil & Additives!

ZDDP+ Oil Additive
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