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Waspcam 9900 Action Sports Camera Free Shipping
Part Number: Waspcam 9900

Thanks for looking at our unique "Classic Car" item: Waspcam 9900 CAMERA FEATURES: Captures HD video at 1080p30, 960p30 and 720p60 5-Megapixel photo quality WiFi built-in for syncing with iOS and Android devices Compatible with all WASPcam and GoPro mounting systems Waterproof down to 196 feet (when installed in camera casing) Connects with RF-wireless wrist remote up to 15 feet away INCLUDED ACCESSORIES: WASPcam 9900 action sports camera Wireless Wrist Remote Waterproof Camera Casing & Backdoor Vented Camera Casing Backdoor Swivel T-tip & Curved Adhesive Mount Flat Adhesive Mount & Lens Cap Velcro Strap & Anti-Fog inserts (6 pcs) Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery USB charging cable & Wall Charger T-Tip for General Mounts Instantly turn your smartphone into a WASPcam Wireless Remote and video viewing screen by downloading WASPcam’s exclusive WASPcam application. The app only takes minutes to download, and connects easily to an Android or iOS device. Simply configure your phone’s WiFi Network settings to that of your WASPcam. With WASPcam’s App installed on your phone, you can record video and photos from your phone, view exactly what you’re shooting with WASPcam and then quickly share your footage with fans on your favourite social media page.

Waspcam 9900 Action Sports Camera  Free Shipping
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